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Virtual Oscilloscope at GitHub

An Oscilloscope Simulation using CSS and JavaScript. Pixel Graphics based Function or Waveform Reader.

Virtual Oscilloscope

Virtual Oscilloscope Blog Post - dapj

Oscilloscope Functions and Fourier Series. Periodic Waveforms. Watch Sine, Square, Triangle and Sawtooth Waves and Study Controls.

An Oscilloscope Simulation using CSS and JavaScript Implemented a mini vector, it improved the sinewave, a bit jagged though. Just 3 lines of code.

SVG and Canvas are out of my scope and abilities now. But when all browsers work with it and someone provides a library. I will make canvas scope.

Oscilloscope xml code

Oscilloscope GUI Improved. More waveforms added. x and y position pots added. Sine, Square, Triangle and Sawtooth Fourier Series Periodic Functions working.

Operating Instructions -

Just turn it on and then press demo button for 1st Waveform and Press again the demo button for 2nd Wave and so on. Still working on formulas. Slide all the pots and see what happens.

Chrome Browser works best with this tutor, second is Firefox and Use IE only on a very new OS or Computer hardware.

I will now try integrating with a IC simulation. The API is just the Equation text box. The equation can be loaded and rendered as waveform on scope.

Oscilloscope Live GitHub

Visit link above and see the html source of that page. The iframe code can be copied and integrated in your site/blog.

The Widget will now appear on your website.