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Programmable Digital Timer GitHub

Interactive Timer Web Gadget Interface. Simulation, Web Widget Client for Dashboard or Virtual Control Panel.

Digital Timer Simulation

Digital Timer Blog Post - dapj

Set Time, Start Timer, Audio-Visual Alarm Sounds when Set Time Reached.

A Web Gadget which is a Preset Timer. This can be Programmed from any Browser. It can also be modified to control external outputs. This project will only be a Web Gadget for Education, it will not have any external interface.

The advantage of a Web Control is that the Industrial Process or Home Automation can be monitored and controlled on any computer including tablets or PDA which has a Browser.

Timer xml code

The Plant Automation or Home Appliance can be monitored or regulated even as you travel back from factory to home, or in a remote city. A Wireless Lan and a Computer with Browser is all you need to keep updated of the live status of your plant.

Press The Power on-off for a soft start, this is to prevent the inrush current from stressing the javascript components. Then it goes to a display test. The Start button can run or stop timer by toggling. The reset will Bring timer to 0000, format is min-sec.

Set by pressing select to get a marker over orange digit, Use Scroll to set number. Press Start to start timer, Start to be off to set again. The buzzer will turn on when Time elapsed matches time set. and the alarm relay trips. And a Flashing Annunciator signals end of process. Now Reset will start process again and stop flashing LED.

Digital Timer Live GitHub

Visit link above and see the html source of that page. The iframe code can be copied and integrated in your site/blog.

The Widget will now appear on your website.