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Digital Alarm Clock Web Widget with Musical Alarms

Alarm Clock Simulation

Green Clock Simulation

The second clock needs Flash Installed in your Browser.

Alarm Clock Blog Post - dapj

Digital Clock with Audio alarm and Text memo

First Alarm Clock - This can be used to preset Five Alarms with a small text memo, The Alarm will remind after set time elapses with musical sounds..

It also shows the Time and date. The Alarms once set, repeat every day. When the user visits the page containing this gadget, it reminds him of the missed memos for the past three hours. Web Gadget for Google Homepage or Website.

Eco Green Digital Alarm Clock

This is an upgrade of the digital-alarm-clock gadget which used embed for sound. In this version it uses SoundManager 2. The older version remains intact. Tested in FF, IE and Chrome.

You can set Five Alarms with Ten Selectable Musical Sounds and a small Text memo. Digital Alarm Clock Web Gadget with Musical Alarms.

This is an experimental gadget, usable but not easy. This gadget can demonstrate how difficult ergonomics is, when you need to press buttons in sequence to get an electronic gadget to perform.

These Gadgets use Browser Cookies for the Alarm Settings, i learnt how from Quirksmode Cookies

Alarrm Clock Live GitHub

Visit link above and see the html source of that page. The iframe code can be copied and integrated in your site/blog.

The Widget will now appear on your website.