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Digital Flight Cockpit Clock at GitHub

Aircraft Clock Web Widget for Date and Time. Analog Bargraph based Clock too.

Flight Clock

Analog Clock

Aircraft Clock Blog Post - dapj

Avionics Chronometer

Digital Clock that looks like a Aircraft Cockpit Dashboard Clock. Mimic of A Flight Chronometer Instrument.

Aircraft Dashboard Clock Mimic Gadget. Clock Gadget, looks like a Clock in Cockpit Dashboard.

It shows Time and Date close to Military Time-Date format. It also has week number and weekday display.

Flight Clock xml code

This Gadget is to Inspire you or remind you of the traditional Digital Clock. The javascript is as close as possible to a c program that you could write for a PIC processor, So then try and make a gadget which is 3D, using PIC or 8051.

Analog Bargraph Clock

This Project includes an Analog Bargraph Clock Gadget on the same code.

Analog Clock, Linear Display of Time Elapsed using Bargraph, Shows Week Days and Month Days Passed. The WD indicates Complete Week Days passed and MD is Month Days Completed. This is not the date, date is MD+1. This is an example of CSS Animation, that was the Motivation for this clock.

Flight Clock Live GitHub

Visit link above and see the html source of that page. The iframe code can be copied and integrated in your site/blog.

The Widget will now appear on your website.