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Electronic Interactive Simulations

These are various web widgets i developed a decade ago. These were tutorials in Electronics and Technology. It also demonstrates usability issues in small devices and using JS-CSS-Ajax in a Innovative way to make GUI dynamic, interactive and contextual. Some of the Ideas were the first of its kind in the GUI design.

Audio Visual Metronome - Select Instrument, Tempo and Replay Sequence.
The Source Code is at
Metronome at GitHub

Digital and HourGlass Clock
Digital Clock - Digital Seven Segment Clock with Week Number.
Hourglass Clock - Dynamic Indication of Time elapsed or used.
The Source Code is at
Digital Clock at GitHub

Flight Clock and Analog Bargraph Clock
Flight Clock - An Aircraft Cockpit Dashboard clock simulation.
Analog Bargraph Clock - Colorful Bar Graph of Time in Progress
The Source Code
Chronometer at GitHub.

Virtual Oscilloscope

Waveform display, Fourier Series Periodic Waveforms.
The Source Code
Virtual Oscilloscope at GitHub

Programmable Digital Timer
Digital Count-up Timer, with Preset Alarm.
The Source Code
Programmable Digital Timer GitHub

Two Digital Alarm Clocks
Digital Alarm Clock - Alarms setting with Gadget like controls..
Eco Green Alarm Clock - Alarm Clock with Flash for Sound.
The Source Code
Digital Alarm Clocks at GitHub

Dual Digital Dice
Random Dice with Digital Readout, Quick Results.
The Source Code
Digital Dice at GitHub


More Widgets

Scientific Calculator
Scientific Expression, Formula Calculation, Mem Tape.
The Source Code
Calculator at GitHub

Electronic Toss
Random but Reliable Tri State results, Yes, No and Po
The Source Code
LED Toss at GitHub

Digital Electronics Tutors

Astable 555 Timer Flasher - 555 Blinks Two LED Lamps, Vary Part Values.
LED Running lights CD4017 - Speed up a 555 Clock driving a LED Chain.
Digital up down BCD counter - Flip-Flop, Binary Numbers, Logic Demo.
Digital Logic Gates - Logic Gates with LED Lamps and Pushbutton Switches.

Analog Electronics Tutorials

Buffer Unity Gain Amp - OpAmp that will match impedance, but does not amplify.
Inverting Opamp - Operational Amplifier for Amplification but Polarity is Swapped.
Non-Inverting Opamp - Normal Amplifier with no polarity change. High Impedance.
Differential Amplifier - Amplifies the difference between two points/nodes, classic.
Dual Differential Amp - High input z, Just two opamps, magnifies the difference.
Instrumentation Amp - An ideal amp, three opamps and diff-amp with gain control.